Friday, 15 January 2010

Technology v old fashioned

Hi everyone
Well you must be wondering what the title is all about.  Well ...............

Hubby's card got skimmed!!!!!!!!

Lucky for us its a Visa Debit card in which we only keep a small amount of cash. 
Makes me seriously want to go back to the old-fashioned "Cash Only".
Actually that is how we have been operating over the last couple of years - the Visa part was only for those situations that require it, like accomodation bookings.

Why don't all these so brilliant people who come up with these scams do something worthwhile - what a waste of their brains!!

Anyway, while out an about over hubby's break, guess who I saw??????



And it was after Christmas too??????



I'm sure this is Santa on holidays having fun!!!!

I will post more about the engine he is driving another time

And I may have mentioned it before (huge smile) but hop on over and check out The Garden Bell for her Give-Away.  And yes I am trying to score more entries in her Give-Away.  She's almost at her 100!!!!!

Which makes me think (I know it does hurt), I find Kate's blog a laugh a lot of the time and experiences that I can relate to.  What I am thinking is that no-one - and that includes me - would find my blog funny at all.  I seem to lose the little funny-side I have when I write things down.  I become all serious, which I naturally am.  But I love to laugh and I love to make others laugh.  So there is something I need to work on when I write these posts. 

And did you notice - that was very serious!!!!!  :-)

Another thought out of nowhere - do other countries corner stores sell their chocolates from their fridges where the soft-drinks are (like Coke)?????  In Australia you will always find them there - they would be puddles other wise.  What made me think about this is a current TV advertisement for "Chilled Mars Bars"

Bye for now


  1. Another ticket just went in the pot.... he-he... Don't sell yourself short in the humor department. You are getting there. Like finding this Santa driving a train. Classic. Turned up the corners of my mouth. Keep a tight hold on that Visa...

    One more posting to go. I'm guessing over the weekend with the drawing on Monday. Tomorrow will be crazy here with the tub being dropped in..... Keep your fingers cross it fits.

    Stay Creative,
    Let your mind roam,
    Kate-The Garden Bell

  2. Bad luck with the skimming. We had our card skimmed on our last overseas trip and 6 months after we came home had a ring from the bank to see if we were spending big sums of money (several thousands ) in China!!!

    Your little smiley faces make me smile :o)
    Keep on as you are, I'll all still call in every day. I LIKE your blog very much.

  3. I love your blog its fine. You're great. Yes I agree that is SAnta!
    Hugs and Love SUex

  4. Lots of sympathy! Cash only would be great if there weren't so many fees... sigh.