Monday, 4 January 2010

I'm baaaccckkkk

Hi everyone
I finally made it back to my blog.  Hubby has gone back to work today and I now have a little more time up my sleeve to blog.  Two weeks away has felt like aaaagggggeeeeessss!!!!

I did get a little time to read the wonderful messages that you have left either complimenting or with seasons greetings - thank you all so much for them.

I am as pleased as Punch to say that my hand-made gifts were very much appreciated and loved.  In fact they were so admired I was given another order for a matching blanket  :-)))))))) - Yep, I had the biggest grin on my face with that request.  As for the other blankets, they loved them so much they requested they become a little bigger so they can be displayed and used for more than just laps.

The weather has not been our typical clear skies and sunshine over the holiday period, but it certainly has been warm and sticky.  Humidity has been sky-high.  Not very conducive to working with wool, it keeps sticking on my hands.  But they get bored with nothing to do, so I perservere and work slowly.  Can't show you the new project I have been working on as I will frog it today as there is just not enough yarn.  I have been working on expanding the Xmas blankets.

No photos this post, as I need more time to sort through what I have taken while away from the blog, so keep an eye out in the future.

New Years Eve was quite for us.  We decided to watch the Sydney Family Fireworks on TV and then off to bed early as hubby's medication is making him feel unwell.  Unfortunately he received a phone call at 11.30 pm that night to say that his Nan had passed away.  Hubby was very close to his Nan.  She made the grand total of 88 years - a fantastic innings.  It is from his Nan's family line that hubby has a connection with the First Fleet Convicts.  We spent New Years Day with his grandfather, who is holding up well, considering.

So not a good time with a death to finish off 2009 and a funeral to start 2010.

I was hoping to get back into normality this week, but with a funeral in a couple of days, it might be next week before I can work out what "normal" is.

Happy New Year to all and may your wishes and dreams for this year happen


  1. So sorry to hear about the passing of your hubby's Nan. My father would be 89 years old this year (July) but he passed in 1994 at almost 73. My Mom would be 86 (Oct) but she passed in 1991 at a young 66. How wonderful that your hubby's Nan made it to 88!

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  2. Sorry to hear your news. Hope her partner is coping OK. A sad way to start 2010.
    Welcome back anyway. We have enjoyed the rain up here but as you say it is very muggy now. Fine weather ahead for the next week apparently - that means HOT!

  3. Sorry to hear about your recent loss. We will thinking about you the upcoming week as things settle back down for you. Stop by any time we are all always here.

    Kate-The Garden Bell

  4. It's lovely to see you back blogging. But what a shame your sad news. My Grandmother passed away at 103! A few years ago now, but always in our thoughts. A fine age, thank goodness she was in brilliant health until that sad day. It's a difficult week for you, we are all sorry.
    Our thoughts are with you.
    Hugs and Love Suex

  5. I am sorry to hear your news. I wanted to wish you the best year ahead. Julie.C