Wednesday, 15 June 2011

What's going on around here

Hi everyone

Well I want to make a gift for someone who needs a little bit of support at the moment
So since its cold, I thought scarf, so that when she wears it, hopefully it will feel like a hug - OK
Needs to be soft and squishy and wool - OK
Needs to be pink - her favourite colour and the colour of love - OOPS

I went stash-diving and I do not have ONE pink ball/yarn!!
Anyone would think I don't like the colour  :-)))))
Well, I don't wear it
But, I do love it on baby girls

So I just HAD to visit my LYS (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)
Thank goodness it had stopped raining for half an hour to walk up there The rain has not stopped since Friday, and the last two days have been really heavy and very, very windy
Is it pink enough   ;-)

Just a sidenote on something I have been watching on Foxtel lately
It's called "Edwardian Farm" more info can be found here
Two males and a female spend twelve months living the life of Edwardian Farmers.
The episode I watched today was beautiful with a lot of time spent at Dartmore - so pretty, yet so wild.
I love the series for the time-warp back in history

I know there have been American/Canadian??? ones showing how it was everything was done back then.  There was also an Australian one (sorry, can't remember the title), but instead of using Australians they had families from overseas.  Knowing the little I do of our history, I found a few flaws in the Australian version, that were obviously put there for the story line rather than reality .
I love these type of shows learning about the old-fashioned ways of doing things and the "new-fangled" inventions as they come along

Bye for now


  1. There have been a few English versions of these types of shows: most recently the ABC showed The High Street which went through different time periods. They have also done the Edwardian House.

    Last year, SBS did an Australian series with Australian particpants but, for the life of me, I can't remember what it was called right now.

  2. Have to agree, Love the shows , like up stairs down stairs, such a hoot..
    Now that pink is so pretty , love it..
    I had to spend the day in Lonnie today , it was a freezer I can tell you.. Anyway went into Spotlight and found the most gorgeous pink moda Vera Acacia..It has tiny sequins through it..
    hope you are keeping dry and warm :))

  3. Scarfs, Winter, Cold.... isn't it fun to switch seasons. Send you PINK flowers from my garden today. Can't wait to see this come to like. Good job finding a pink one in the stash.