Friday, 24 June 2011

Little bit scared ....

that I am getting hooked again  ;-((
Not intentionally
Been reading about other things actually and there they were   :-(((((

oh did I forget to say what ;-))))))

absolutely beautiful quilts I see on some blogs

to name a few I have become hooked on recently

some learners, some very experienced ones

and all but one led me astray
cause I was reading about other things
and then they show quilting   :-(((((
they are conspiring against/for me  ;-)

I do so love hand-made quilts

Wish I had the time and space
But more importantly

Starting to crave one
Know the colours I want
Pretty open about the pattern
Looking can be so bad

And just found a book I picked up at Salamanca Markets in Hobart in April
Everything is conspiring against me

BTW, here is a small glimpse of those markets
and then at the very bottom of the photo you then walk up a small incline to the top and


  1. Oh, how I know those feelings of resistance... but it's futile! Go on, you know you want to!!

  2. Yep, been there too. Try your hand anyway. Doesn't matter if you don't create a prize winner. You know it will be lovely because you chose pretty colours and a nice design. You can't lose.

  3. Don't be scared Maria, give quilting a go. Just start out simple and small like I did - say a cushion. It's all about accurate quarter inch seams - if you can do that you're home and hosed !!! Sometimes I can and sometimes I muck it up. It seems to me the material and colour combinations are the most important.
    Can't wait to see your first attempt.

  4. Oh Maria, Maria, Im hearing the cry of your heart.
    Been there on a regular basis, and ending up down neverending rabbit warrens of ideas and imaginings.

    But, how can we help it, when life keeps conspiring to throw such inspiration and beauty in our faces?

    Salamanca Markets - its years since Ive been there, great place.

    I have such great memories of that holiday.


  5. What can I say? Been there done that still doing it.. LOL.
    Its insane.. But go on just do it LOl :))

  6. I'd love to go to Salamanca Markets one day! Thanks for those quilt links, it's always great looking at quilts!! Go on, make one!!

  7. Haha! You just have to do this. It is a wonderful craft and I really think it will suit you.Come, and join us Quilt Addicts.

  8. Great links and you're right, they are some gorgeous quilts, I can totally see when you are getting hooked....

    Jodie :)