Monday, 20 June 2011

The Distant Hours

Hi everyone
I am so glad that my last post bought smiles to quite a few faces, like it did to mine.
Hope very much that your weekends continued that way

Do you remember this book that I mentioned a while ago

Well, I finally found some time to read
Yep, I actually put down my needles and hooks

And it was just what I needed
I am now hooked on Kate Morton's story-telling
This is the third book I have read of Kate's
They all contain -
a tiny bit of romance
a little history (mainly between the wars time period)
a little mystery
and just plain old-fashioned enjoyment of words
and the scenery's and people that she conjures up

When I read her books I feel a bit like I did when I was a child
Getting myself "lost" within the story-telling
Forgetting where I am and who is with me

Just in case your interested, the other two books of Kate's are


This book may also be titled "The House at Riverton"

Can't wait for more works by Kate Morton


  1. I love to read but I do find I do less of it than I used to! Just as well there are such things as audio books, although it's not quite the same!

  2. I've read them all to Maria though I liked The Forgotten Garden the best. I'm reading and enjoying Water for Elephants at the moment.

  3. Glad you are finding time to read too Maria!
    Hugs Suex

  4. I haven't had that experience for a while .. Getting lost in a book is just the best thing,escape time :))
    I will certainly look her up at the library.. Thanks for sharing..:))

  5. I so agree - love Kate Morton's books and have read all those. Noticed on Helsie's blog you ask for tips about patchwork as a newbie - well I can't help you with traditional patchwork as I have always found that too painstaking for me but can suggest books and websites for crazy patchwork if you e-mail me (address on my profile)