Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Oh my, so sad

I have been working on a project for about a month now.
The first attempt (which I only gave a glimpse here) did not fit - loved the project though
Second attempt ( a glimpse here) has come to a screaming halt with only the border to go

Love the jacket, love the pattern.
I felt a real sense of achievement while making this as it was graded "Intermediate"
A lot of frogging did go on while making it.  Not because of the pattern.  Because of my lapse in concentration.

The problem ?????
Well, in the photo the back V sits so very nicely
But on me the ?@# thing curls and won't sit flat and looks totally stupid
Hubby warned me as I tried it on at different stages
But I kept hoping and hoping and fingers crossed that the weight would make it sit flat
But nope - it just won't - very, very sad Maria

It would seem that this wool is cursed for me.  Not my usual choice of colour.  But I wanted it to go over my coloured tops and a neutral seemed best

Back to square one


  1. Oh my all that work only to find out it is not sitting right...Lovely pattern too.

  2. What a shame that it didn't look right when you wore it. That pattern looks so pretty.

  3. To me, crocheting a garment (that fits and sits right) is one of those things that is truly difficult to master. I really admire people who can make things that FIT. Feel like I may never be that clever. Good on you for trying. That stitch pattern looks really nice, and I like the colour.

  4. I give you credit for frogging it. Mine usually get hidden in a corner someplace. I do love the look of the yarn. It really doesn't look all that bad to me. Maybe, this is why I have like 10 blankets around the house.

    Carry oN you will get it.

  5. I do feel for you; it's so pretty and such a lot of work. I've just pulled out a baby's jacket that wasn't working so I can comiserate. The colour is nice. Is there another way you can use it?

  6. Oh , I think it is lovely. Hope you haven't pulled it all out already. Take it to a wool shop and see if they have any suggestions. There must be a way around it.

  7. Poor Maria, all of that hard work crochet clothing can be a real nightmare!! I am posting your surprise this morning - it will be interesting to see how long it takes to reach you! xx

  8. What a shame Maria. I love the pattern and I love the colour
    Hugs Suex

  9. Aww, Maria! I'm sorry. It's so frustrating when things like that happen. It sure looks pretty hanging there!

  10. Such a shame! It looks so lovely there on the hanger. It's the worst thing, to finish a whole garment and then find a problem. So sorry! Ros

  11. Hi Maria, beautiful jacket!! Break your heart to have that problem at this stage. Lovely work though.. :))

  12. Oh no, how disappointing! It's a lovely pattern and it looks as though you've done a beautiful job of crocheting it. That's when I try to remind myself that I enjoyed the process, never mind the product!

  13. Oh no, I hate it when that happens !!! Poor you. Start another project entirely I say !!!
    Louise x

  14. I like it - I think it is very pretty! Maybe you could add some weight at the bottom somehow? I know for expensive jackets they will add a row of weighted beading (inside the lining) so the jacket will lay properly.