Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Been thinking about colours lately

..... and I have a question which I hope someone knows the answer to

The colours above are seen everywhere in nature
Why is it that brown never shows up in a colour wheel?
I know its a mix of colours.
Is it because its a mix plus a colour?

Much discussion has been going on between hubby and I about colours.  When I ask for input we seem to "see" colours differently.  I admit that what we are looking at is not "pure" colours.  They definitely are a mix.

An example is the "Blue Violet" above - I see it as blue and hubby sees it as purple.
Turquoise is another one - hubby sees it as blue, where I see it as greeny

My current project is another one of these - I see it as a brown, hubby says grey

What's your thoughts????

P.S. - If anyone sees Spring and the Sun, can you please send them back to us.  They seem to have got lost.
Hope Brissie's warmer than here :-(


  1. I was trying to think back to art class in primary school to remember the primary colors. Yellow, blue and red. I think brown may be made up out of a mix and a primary for some reason, maybe purple. I have to say that I think the crochet looks gray to me, maybe it is our eyesight, lol!

  2. Like Sue - I can't remember for the life of me how to make brown. I think it is a mix plus a colour but what mix? I can't remember!

    I see blue for the blue violet, green for Aqua and your crocheting is definately grey :)

  3. I think perhaps brown is a combination of more than two colours where the colours on the wheel are blends of only two and then they are adjacent colours. To me your crochet project is grey.
    And as for Brizzy weather - today is warm, about 28 degrees with a pleasant breeze but apparently we are expecting rain again and by the enormous racket the frogs were making last night I think the forcast might be right!

  4. Brown is a tertiary colour - a mix of the three primary colours (red, blue, and yellow). The colour wheel only shows the primary colours and the secondary colours which fall between them. Hope that makes sense!

    As for how we "see" colours... I don't know why that differs... maybe we all have slight variations in our vision? Is your hubby red-green colour-blind? Apparently a lot of men are... and that's why they need our help when they try and dress nicely! LOL

  5. Well there you go :)), I am glad "Never Knew" knew the answer LOL as for the crochet Maria, I see grey... But I have to ask, what are you crocheting???
    As for the weather,( sun,) it up and went back to WA.. Enjoy the cricket :))

  6. Definately grey, but I think colour is quite subjective, we don't really know what anyone else sees do we ? I just read Never knew's answer, I didn't know the term but I knew it took 3 primary colours not two. I think that's the same thing!
    Louise x

  7. I see grey but considering this computer monitor I'm using not sure I should add my comment. Husband is the expert on colors in our house but the other comments look good so seems your question may be answered. The weather; now there I can help you out. Here in Southern California we are enjoying warm sunny days - here's a day full of sunshine heading your way...have a great week.

  8. I suspect men see colours differently from us gals. I'm with you re the turquoise but I see purple and grey in the other two. I usually achieve brown by mixing a little red into green so that fits in with Never Knew's explanation. I really wish I knew how to use a colour wheel when combining colours.

  9. Brown is a warm tertiary colour mixed from a red and a yellow, plus black as a neutral. An addition of a small amount of a blue will make the brown slightly cooler in hue. There is an enormous range of tertiary mixes depending on the primaries you use, a warm red like Cadmium or cool like Alizarin; warm Cadmium yellow or cool Lemon Yellow; warm Ultramarine Blue or Cool Cerulean Blue. Colours have a dominant warm or cool component As the name suggests, Blue/Violet is a cool purple as it is closer to blue than red. Red/Violet is a warm purple as it is closer to red etc. The item is definately grey.