Friday, 19 November 2010

Santa Claus is coming to town ....

Are you all singing yet?

Pop on over to Caroline's blog - The Kansas Hooker where she has posted a pattern fore one cute Santa

Isn't he just adorable!!!
Funnily enough I have no red in my stash to make him - as yet
How can that be - red is one of my favouritist colours


  1. How's about green. I think he would be just as cute in Kelly green....

    EVOO = Extra Virgin Olive Oil.... it's a Rachel Ray cooking show term here in the states....sorry...

    Off to find this pattern.

  2. That's cute Maria! I will have to try it. It is so sweet of you to share the pattern. I just read Kate's comment regarding EVOO. Before coming to your blog I was visiting Kate and had no idea what EVOO was either in her recipe. I don't watch Rachel Ray's cooking show.

    I like the look of your blog it is very nice. Have a nice day sweetie!

  3. How cute is that little Santa! What NO red? Gosh! You will just have to go and add to your stash ;)

  4. Very cute little present for someone on my list!

  5. What a cutie !! I'm curious about what Kate has been cooking now ....

  6. Thanks for posting about my santa gnome, I'm so happy to share him and excited that other people think he's as cute as I do.