Tuesday, 25 August 2009


This is a tea-towel I recently bought. I so loved the colours and so wish I could get them in wool. And I love our green tree frogs. Did I mention that we had one living in our outdoor bathroom when we visited Broome. So very cute

This is my second order of yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills for the Hex Granny

And this is what they are becoming .....

Now I should mention why I am using Bendigo Woollen Mills. I am very proud Aussie and I know we grow some of the best wool in the world. So when I finally got back into knitting and crochet I went looking for some of our own wool. The world is becoming very small and most of the yarn available was imported from overseas, at the time I also did not have a LYS anywhere near me. So internet was the next option, not quite as good for the feely, touchy part but at least it was an option. I noticed in a few Australian blogs that BWM was being mentioned, so I had a look and after a year placed an initial order. The delivery was quick and the Luxury yarn is so soft and yummy. The yarn is from Australian Merino sheep and BWM is an Australian company. That way I can keep my spending in my own country - Yippee. Did I also mention that the yarn is also a great price!!!! Depending on which yarn it works out about $3 per 50g balls (their balls are 200g so about $11.50). Absolutely great value!!!! Double Yippee
I should warn anyone else interested in using BWM - please ask for a shade card first (they send it out free). The colours on their online store are not close matches to the actual colour you received.
So my Hex Granny has become the colours available in their Luxury range, not quite matches to my inspiration. But BWM inspiration!!!!
My blogging may become erratic over the next month as a mole-hill became a mountain, but I will try to come back often. Maybe I will have some followers by then :-)
Bye for now

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