Monday, 24 August 2009

Colour Inspiration

Good morning

Well this weekend we went to The Stitches & Craft Fair. Not enough yarn, but so many other temptations, ideas, colours. I did fairly well as I only came away with 3 Xmas decorations and a burner for Scent Logs (wax with fagrance) to make home smell beautiful. The burner was something I wanted but just never seemed to remember to buy.

We then went to see my poor Rabbitohs get slaughtered by the Panthers with DH, D2 & her partner, who is a BIG Panther supporter. It was a long trip home with him gloating.

Sunday was a very quick trip up the coast so DH could have a chat with his sons and then home.

There was also more back-burning before the start of the fire season to watch.

I have this ...

Clockwise from top - Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic 5 ply Celery, Luxury in 8 ply Orange, Citrus & Forest.

Which I worked into these ....My version of the Hex Granny Blanket

Bye for now

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