Friday, 14 August 2009

Hi everyone
At the moment I am not in employment and no little children under foot - Yippee I hear a lot of you say and I totally agree. But I needed to find something to do with myself, so after years of not crafting I decided to get back into it. I also had a very deep urge to help those who are not as lucky as I am at the moment. So it seemed like karma was in the air when I found the Knit 4 Charities website

It seemed exactly what I was after - it is mainly for Australian charites, they make sure that the items are given to those who really need them and I am crafting. My MIL gave me 2 very large bags of yarn and I have been creating !!!

Below is a crocheted scarf and a knitted beanie both done in 2 x 8ply acrylic. A charity lap/baby blanket done in 8ply acrylic

After living in a very large house which could cope with 2 adults and 5+ children (their partners and friends) and living very, very close to the beach - only a very large sand dune in between on the Central Coast of NSW to now living in an apartment on the top floor (10th) in an area much closer to DH's work in Sydney suburbs and only 1 daughter & fiance (temporarily living with us).
This is the view from our balcony early in the morning. The mist is the valley at the southern part of the Central Coast. It is the end of winter here, but as we face east the balcony is lovely and warm from about 9-11 am.
And back to travel - below is a Quokka. They are only found on Rottnest Island which is just off Perth. About a 1/2 hour trip from Perth by cat. As this is the only place they are found they have free range of the entire island (only 24 km total round trip by road). Visitors are asked not to feed or pet them. They are comfortable with visitors as you can see - lucky we had no food in our bag.

This is the view from where the ferry docks at the wharf at Rottnest Island. You can see Perth in the background. And all the yellow blobs are buoys. It will be chocka's in summer with boats tied up to every buoy.

Rottnest is a beautiful place. Sailors would love it with all the beautiful bays and I only saw half the island!!!! One of the activities here is the ability to cycle around the island. They have bike hire here. I could only make it half way around.
I will not show the photo of me pushing the bike up a very small hill - not good. I was told the island was flat, but there are small hills. Well they were hills to me, may be bumps to others!!!! To a 19 year old (last time my DH visited the island) the island was flat. To a 48 year old, way overweight, unfit lady it was mountainous!!!!!!!
This was my very first trip to the western part of Australia and I loved it.
Bye for now

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