Thursday, 20 August 2009

Hi everyone - well no-one so far but me :-). Anyway, if you have not noticed yet you will find that I tend to write in point form - brief and succinct (well I hope it is succinct), so I will tend to use photos for more explanation.

My weekend involved a lot of water. The photos are in the wrong order, but here is what I did.

On Sunday, me, DH, D2 travelled to Caves Beach to see D1 for her birthday. D1 & D2 share the same birthday and year. So we had a lovely lunch at D1's house. Caves Beach is about 110km from where we live in Sydney (which is the north side of Sydney). The trip took us about 75 minutes each way. Below is the view from D1's house (the coal loader at Newcastle seems to be still backed up).

On Saturday, me, DH & his parents met in Sydney and went to King St Wharf. We had lunch at James Squire Brewhouse and chatted and watched the world and boats go by. Wonderful way to spend a sunny day. James Squire, a convict, was our nations first brewer of beer!! First lots were illegal and he was punished. Then the heirarchy decided to make it official as they enjoyed it!!!

Bye for now

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