Sunday, 24 August 2014

Another Vintage Pattern - Old is New Project

And my love affair with vintage patterns continues
It may have something with how cute my granddaughter looks in it as well :-)

It is worked in 3ply yarn and with 3mm needles.  Not something I usually use.  But I was lucky enough to have been gifted a cone of Superfine Australia 3ply crepe yarn, and it was the perfect colour for this project.  VBG
I do need to work on my knitting embroidery skills though :-(

But I love it!!!!!

And here is a very active 18mth old wearing it.  It's the best photo I could get :-)

If your interested, the pattern is available via my Etsy shop - here


  1. Hello Maria, :)) Your work is beautiful and your little GD is gorgeous .. A lovely pattern and colour :)) hugs pat..

  2. How beautiful, Maria...both the little outfit and the model!

  3. Your grand daughter is adorable in her new vintage cardigan. I think the cardigan turned out pretty cute too.