Thursday, 11 August 2011

Quiet but busy hands

I'm still here
Just not very talkative (in general)
But busy fingers
So here are a few little projects
As a little gift for a friend who is a NRL Tiger supporter

When hubby saw this for the first time (may be the only time) he requested one for himself
BTW - I have made other items in the past for hubby, but he is a very warm person and mainly lives in T-shirts with a very light jacket in winter.

A scarf - just because
Close Ups of the pattern at above link

And if your remember way back here and this little mess
One person guessed right
And I finally found the missing item

Now he/she is hiding in the flowers (will be when the weather warms up) because I can't decide if its name is Kenny Koala, will need pants; or Katie Koala, will need pinafore


  1. Called in yesterday to see if I had missed a post.. :))

    I like the pattern of the Square hat, fits well :))Could have something to do with model LOL..

    Maria I think you will have to make another Koala, Katie definitely needs a friend :))

  2. My WM is also a warm person; he left home at 5:30 this morning wearing a short sleeved shirt and long pants (he's not allowed to wear shorts now because he's an "officer"!) I was curled up under four blankets!

  3. Great hats and the Noro scarf looks good too. Kenny or Katie are very cute.

  4. Love the hats and the Noros scarf, but the little koala steals the show. Looks like a Katie, to me! Ros

  5. Oh I love the knitted koala, so cute! Definitely a Katie!

  6. Glad to see you pop by and share all you lastest goodies. I so love the knitting. Time has been getting away here too this summer.

  7. You HAVE been busy! Your projects look great. Only knitting, I see. Not in a crochet mood, I guess?
    Happy knitting (or hooking),
    Caz :)

  8. Hi Maria, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'd be so excited if my husband would ever ask me to knit him something! When we were first married, we lived in Nebraska, which is in the middle of the U.S.and COLD. I knit him a couple of sweaters even back then, but he barely needs a sweatshirt during most of our California winters!

  9. Those hats would be very welcome down here as it's been very cold. I love the koala, he/she does need a pal then you could have the fun of making both sets of clothes.