Thursday, 25 August 2011

New or Old, Old or New

Hi everyone
This post will have to have a few photos to explain the story.

Recently I have wanted to do some lace knitting, but only small projects, what better than baby items.  There is always a charity that can use them throughout the year.  So I thought I would build up my stocks and be ready for them.

And for the crocheteers that visit, well I have been trying to work those beautiful lace baby clothes, but for some reason I struggle with the first few rows.  The sizing seems way off no matter what yarn or hook I try.  But I will soldier on, as there is one pattern in particular that I want to make, for sentimental reasons  :-) It was a gift for my babies, and I loved it.

So saw this pattern book and thought "that's a good start"

And yes, it does have one very cute crochet jacket too, if I can master the starting size issue.

Decided that this pattern would be a good intro back into the world of lace and babies - well it has been 30 years  :-)

I would like to share with you a little something I have a LARGE love of - old patterns and clothing.
So using this Heirloom pattern reminded me to have a look for a particular old pattern book I was after.
Ended up buying 4 of them  :-)
This was the one I was after

For this pattern, as I made 2 of them, one for each first/second born  :-)

And then I spotted this  :-)

Funny how some things just keep popping back in to grab your attention

Also spotted this, which I remember making, but just can't remember who for, lots of water under the bridge.

 And no, I have NEVER had this pattern book.  But I have had a few Patons Pattern Books!!

I am curious as to how some of these patterns were ever knitted.  The photos I have shown you are quite large and clear compared to a lot of the patterns in the other books.  It would be guess work, or just loving a pattern name as to which to knit

There are a couple of crochet patterns too, if anyone is interested in having a look-see


  1. Maria they are lovely patterns and I can say without a doubt I have knitted the last pattern, so many times as it is a treasure :)) It can be made with your eyes closed.. LOl.. best of luck. looking forward to more of your work in pics :))

  2. ohhhh Maria I love these. I too have a lovely stash of old pattern books that I covert. I have not yet made anything from them, but that day is just around the corner, my studies almost done and I will be Freeeeeee. Thanks for sharing your love of old patterns. there are lots of us 'out there' with you. I hope to learn some lace crochet too, however, not for bubs.

  3. I have a couple of old baby knitting books - one I bought about thirty years ago when my SIL was pregnant with the first of the in-law family grandchildren (their are now seventeen and ten great-grandchildren); the second was my MIL's and is about fifty years old.

    Enjoy! It's fun to be spoiled for choice!

  4. I made that little jacket and bonnet for my daughter 30 years ago - I have it still as it was so pretty and a friend gave me a pram blanket knitted to that pattern which had been made for her son some years before and I had kept that too till this year when I asked her if she would like it back as her son's partner is expecting my friend's first grandchild! Do babies still wear those lovely little knitteds I wonder I know there is a blogger who is expecting her first baby and has made nappies in readiness from coloured soft fleecy fabric but she has said nothing of matinee jackets or bootees etc!

  5. Maria I've knitted those patterns too!!
    The one with the little zigzags!!I'm pretty sure I still have stored away with a lot of other precious baby clothes. It would be 35 years old now but it was a lovely little jacket. I still have the book too as it had lots of great patterns in it. I have the heirloom book too. Those old patterns were the best !

  6. Oh! I love so many of the old baby patterns. I inherited a stash of them from my aunt who had taught me to knit. My only regret is that I was so excited about using them that I really USED them. Most of them aren't in very good condition anymore. But, Oh well, I can still use the patterns.

  7. Lovely patterns. I've kept all the tiny little babies clothes my Mum knitted for my boys. Mum my knitting the cardigan in the second last photo in a soft yellow for my first boy - I still have it.

  8. I think it becomes new fashion now! But I think the baby in first picture like a Chinese baby!