Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Crochet Toddler Fashion

"Up-to-the-minute play suit (top, pants and sun bonnet) in easy Granny Squares" c1971
And there is more where that came from  :-)

Well I did laugh when I saw it too
But then I made this

I thought this idea might work well with children of various ages for charity
Details here
And the pattern is here where you can see one that is in action and way drapeyier(?) than mine


  1. Very up-to-the-minute! LOL (I was in high school!)

    Looks like a very useful pattern for K4C!

  2. Its lovely :)) very easy to crochet while sitting by the fire :))
    1971 was a great year :))

  3. It's very sweet...So glad to hear you are doing these for charity...

  4. I love the idea Maria. So easy for a beginner and pretty into the bargai n.