Friday, 25 March 2011

Lally Lou Lou Parcel

Hi everyone

Louise from Lally Lou Lou recently had a give-away for her 100th blog-post and I was the lucky winner - Yeah!!!!

Now this poor parcel went through a very long trip
And then it had to deal with Australia Post Quarantine  :-)

I'm guessing the word 'egg' was the problem in the description of contents
I did receive all the contents
Most dealt with the hardship better than others  :-)
And this is what was inside

All made for me by Louise!!!  ☺☺☺

A beautiful card - the lovely sparkles aren't showing :-(
A wonderful tissue cover in my favourite colours of red & white, with little British flag ribbons
And one, oh so adorable and cute, little crocheted Easter Bunny

Ok, I do have to admit something
I was showing hubby the package
And then when I opened it, he insisted on tasting British chocolate
For someone who does not eat a lot of chocolate, it disappeared very quickly  :-)
I did help a bit
So sorry not photo's of the little chicky Easter Egg which was originally inside the Easter Bunny

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Louise
What a wonderful gift to receive
And in plenty of time for Easter


  1. How lovely and congratulations on the win :))
    hhhmm chocolate, and British to boot.. LOL
    Maria your blog is heading towards the 100 mark also :))

  2. Ooo! Parcels in the post - such fun.

  3. Congratulations on your win. Thank goodness there was nothing breakable inside that parcel, though I imagine the chocolate might have been a little miss-shaped. What a cute bunny.

  4. So glad it arrived, so sorry about the battered bit I probably did not prepare it well enough for such a long journey. Poor bunny, quarentined indeed!!!

  5. I think someone needs to find an old suitcase to store all her blog treasures in. Aren't you just the lucky one.

  6. What a great win! This looks so great and the little bunny is too cute.

  7. Maria, Wonderful!
    Louise makes the prettiest things!
    Hugs Suex