Monday, 10 January 2011


Hi everyone

Well, while I may not have been posting much lately, lots of little projects and one large project, have been made around here.  So over time I will share those projects with you.  These projects are also shown in My Ravelry Page too - AussieMaria is my Ravelry username.

For now, the weather is warm and very sticky and humid with all the rain we have been having.  So projects that are small and quick are ideal.  I have been wanting to challenge myself, so this end .....

I am comfortable with a hook
I am comfortable with two needles
But, why oh why would I try Torture

A few years ago I did make a couple of pairs of socks.  After seeing all the hoo-ha in blogland, I had to find out for myself why all the accolades over handmade.  I did not use sock yarn then, just DK.  And while I liked the challenge in using DPN's, I really did not get much joy from it.  The first 5 rows or so of using DPN's was torture, but once it got going, I did love the rhythm and ease.

Sewing a project together at the end is not a problem to me.  Its part of my accomplishing and finishing the item.

So from the photo I am past the torture zone (BTW its not socks, but a babies beanie).  And I was a couple of rows into the pattern.  And I started worrying.  I have knitted with this yarn before and loved its self-patterning (sorry no photos as it was gifted before blogging).  And I started thinking that this particular pattern would not be seen with this yarn (now that word leads me to another thought), and just then I noticed ...... a dropped stitch

Ok enough, so it got frogged and became this from two needles

The yarn is Opal, either 5 or 6 ply.
The pattern was my own
So depending on the sex of the babies that are turning up this winter where it will go

Back to that thought above - until the last couple of years I only used the term "wool" for what I was using, no matter what it was acrylic etc.  Now I am a bit of a yarn snob and would only use wool anyway, so there was no problem.  Now I am expanding a bit (but still DISLIKE acrylics, LOVE natural fibres, except Mohair) I have slowly been changing my terminology to "yarn".

What term do you use?

Bye for now

P.S. - Last day to get your name down for the P.I.F. here


  1. Lovely hat! I have taught myself to knit socks and really love it. It's a real challenge!

  2. Hi Maria, it has always been "wool" for me.. until my fasination with the blogging world, and now it is "yarn" unless I am using "wool"..
    Love the pattern in your hat.. or is that how the wool works out??
    I am crocheting socks this year, wish me luck :))

  3. I'm a 'yarn' girl too, unless it's wool (which I prefer to work with). DPNs are definitely an acquired taste. I do use them but more often I prefer two circular needles. I know that's nuts but I'm more comfortable with two as I find the work moves more easily that way. I like your hat. Is that fair isle or striped wool?

  4. Love the hat, what a great self-patterning yarn!

  5. sush a sweet little hat and i agree with everyone else, the yarn is so pretty :o)

    i spied you on snoopy dogs blog, saw the words crochet and came straight over. i've just recently discovered Sibol too and am presently knitting and crocheting squares. i will look out for you on ravelry, am hareinthemeadow there.

    wishing you a wonderful week


  6. Maria, lovely hat no matter how many needles you used!! I switch between yarn and wool, Iam naughty I use wool whether its acrylic or not!!!!!!

  7. The hat and the yarn are both really lovely! Yes, I now call wool 'yarn' and choose wool and hand-dyed! That's part of the fun... seeking out the perfect colours and 'feel'. Have a great week. Ros

  8. For me it's:
    "acryl" (acrylic),
    "garen" (yarn).


  9. Yarn - except when dyeing, then the fibre content must be known and discussed as dyeing methods are different for wool (and blends), acrylic and cotton (I haven't tried dyeing other fibres - yet! And yes, I do dye acrylic - no vibrant colours but lovely pastels)