Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Orange Fingerless Mitts

Hi everyone

I have found it intriguing that those in the northern hemisphere are seeing signs of spring.  While the southern hemisphere still has another good month or so of heat.  ☺  February is notorious for being the hottest summer month.  While we are not quite there yet, its living up to its reputation.  The days are over 30C/86F and so hot and so very sticky.  Humidity is sky high.  All windows open at night in the vain hope of a breeze or breath of wind.

I can barely knit or crochet.  A couple of rows and the yarn is sticking to my fingers and my body temp is soaring.  So any and all projects must be small.

So with the theme of quick projects.  I tested "First Project Fingerless Mitts" pattern for charities that will need them this winter.

A lovely, super quick knit.
Perfect for whipping a few pairs or more for the charities to come

I used 27g of 8ply/DK some scrap acrylic on 4mm needles
Only took an hour or so to make


  1. Wow I only remember a summer like that when I was a child living in WA..
    The mits are great and a happy colour for winter projects.
    Hope you can stay cool..
    Happy Australia Day :))

  2. Lovely gloves, so simple (and quick !).
    Can understand the heat and not knitting - Taswegians are lucky - the evenings are still cool enough that it allows for some easing of the day time heat.
    Happy Australia Day !

  3. oh these are fabulous. I am sure I will be able to make some come the cooler months. Thanks for sharing, and try to keep cool at your place.

  4. Signs of Spring? I didn't see them yet. So we have lots of dark, cold days to knit and crochet. Sorry, sometimes it would be nice to send a little bit of cold to you and get a little bit of warmth in return. Those gloves look great for a quick project. I see people mentioning "Australia Day" in their comments, can you tell me what that is? Groetjes, Dorien

  5. Nice mitts Maria, I admire you for even trying to knit in that heat!!

  6. I can't imagine the humidity - it must be terrible trying to sleep! Thank you so much for my little package which arrived today. It's lovely!

  7. Commiserations. Knitting and heat are not good companions. I find talcom powder helpful.

  8. Very nice Maria, I love the colour. My family love my pot holder too! Thank you x

  9. Love the simple looking stitch and the color is so pretty!

  10. You have been busy despite it being hot! Oh to have some warmth here!

  11. Hi Maria,

    because of problems with someone who reads my blog I've had to move to a new url.

    hope you still the orange mitts.

    florrie x

  12. Hi Maria, thanks for dropping by and leaving your lovely comment :) Hard to imagine you're having it so hot when we are winter over here, I don't know if I'd ever be able to get used to that if I lived there! It has been super warm here today, nearly 75 degrees, but might turn cold again next week. Can't say I'm looking forward to Summer, it is pretty brutal here in TX when it gets hot!
    Love those orange gloves, my daughter would like them, it's her favorite color.