Friday, 21 January 2011

By Jingo I think I got it!

Anyone remember this saying?  Do you remember what show/movie/TV series it was from?

This post has a lot to do with the shawl post back here
And when I found this pattern, I thought I had solved my problems

I really wanted a shawl, but they just don't seem to "sit" on me the way I want them to
I still haven't found a shawl pin to make it stay
This pattern and my mods. gives the impression of a shawl - well to me anyway :-)

But anyway I do have it - well I had it - an idea that worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Really needs all those exclamation marks)

Remember this and that I was not happy with the back

Well this got frogged back to the armholes and then I just kept working the pattern.
Joined a couple of "shells" under the arms to create a bat-wing effect

And Voila!!!
It worked.

Did I mention that I Love It?

The neck sits beautifully, as do the shoulders
And importantly so does the back

Pattern - Zen Jacket
Yarn - Silky Supreme by Bendigo Woollen Mills, Colour - Silky Oak
Beautiful yarn, even with the mohair in it, it feels very soft and silky.
This yarn has held up really well considering it was frogged almost fully twice and reworked three times.  Used 3 balls = 600g = 1,190m.  Although this sounds like a lot of weight, it does not feel heavy on.
Hook - 6mm

Modifications - Worked tr/dc instead of dtr/tr - only because I did not have to think about the stitch (memory lapses :-)).  I also wanted something that was not too lacy, so hence the tr/dc.  Also as noted above worked to the row where you create the armhole (did not do) and just kept working the pattern.

Easy pattern, if you just do as it is written and don't think too much about it.
That was a great tip I picked up from others who have worked this pattern (Ravelry)

Have a great weekend
And I hope those in Queensland and Victoria see a LOT of Sunshine to help dry things out
And that Western Australia has no more bush fires


  1. This looks awesome Maria!!!

    I love the colour and it sits gorgeously on you...

    Great Job!!!!!!

    Hugs - Jodie :)

  2. Fabulous! I love it and it looks great!

  3. Looks awesome....the color is great too! Good work!

  4. Well that cerainly paid off Maria.. It looks fabulous.:))
    I love using Bendigo wool..

  5. You did a great job adjusting this pattern. Looks great on you.

  6. Marie, you'll have to go into production now. This is stunning! It looks really nice on you. I bet it would look different in other colours too.
    Have a great weekend, are you planning to go out somewhere nice in it? I Hope so.....
    Hugs Suex

  7. That looks really nice. The shaping to the back is much better than the first time. Well done you.

  8. Yep, you've got it all right! Well done . It looks lovely. Clever girl.

  9. Looks great! I probably would have given up. Of course, I've never attempted anything with armholes in the first place. :) Bestwishes to you, Tammy

  10. What an inspiration you are........I always find getting the right fit difficult with some knitting patterns, I will just have to learn to experiment a bit more........gorgeous jacket.

    florrie x

  11. I just love it! The fit is super and I know how you feel about shawls.

  12. Well done Maria, it looks fab and fits you beautifully. x

  13. oh wow....this is wonderful!

    i love coming to look at your creations :o)

    warmest hugs xxx


  14. Congrats Maria! It is lovely! Great work!

  15. hi Maria

    it's really nice of you to call over

    thank you xx

  16. This is a very professional piece. Very nice Maria!

  17. Just gorgeous - the back sits very nicely