Monday, 10 May 2010

What a weekend and a bit .....

, Hi everyone

Well I made it through the weekend, but boy I am still weary.

The weekend started on Friday morning for me.

As you may be aware, Mothers Day was on Sunday, so my girls decided to give me a treat earlier.  So on Friday they took me to get a manicure, pedicure and nails done - for the wedding of course.

Then Saturday - what a picture perfect day.  The weather was glorious, I think temps were around 25C/77F, absolutely clear skies, not a breath of wind - wonderful.  It was like this ALL day and those temps were at 3.30pm in the arvo!!!

But now all those months of planning and organising came together and all within a few short hours.  Everything went perfectly, even the surprise video for the Groom from his oldest, oldest friend who could not be there.

The setting was absolutely perfect and the staff worked very hard and very competently and created a smooth, hiccup free event - Well done to all staff at the Newport Mirage!!!!

Just a glimpse of the beautiful flower-girls in their capes - which they definitely did not need - way too hot to wear, so I had to grab a quickie shot with them in the corner ☺

You would think these two beautiful little girls were sisters, the way they look, speak and mannerisms.  But no, they live on the opposite side of Australia from each other (one in Sydney the other in Perth) and they have absolutely no family connections.  I think they became best friends in a matter of minutes, even managed to squeeze a sleep-over on the night!!

And a photo of our combined Motley Crew!!!

Now as for Sunday, well there is a project I want to share, so you can wait for the next post

Bye for now


  1. Wow, Maria, what a beautiful day; you couldn't ask for nicer weather could you? Looks like it was a wonderful occasion - and the bride looks absolutely stunning.

    Caz from Never Knew :-)

  2. Perfect weather for a perfect day. I some how missed that you had a big wedding going on. And I don't see you in any pictures. Glad all went well. Hope you can get some rest this week.

    Happy Mom's Day,

  3. Congratulations to the happy couple!

    Saturday was indeed a beautiful day.

  4. So glad you had a lovely day.

  5. OOh Maria,
    I am so pleased everything went well for you! What fantastic photos. Lovely group photo, and the little girls looked so beautiful. I cant get over how pretty those capes look! So delicate. All in all a good day then! Well done to you too! Lovely weather also, wonderful.
    Have a rest now you deserve it
    Love Suex

  6. Oh Maria, what a perfect day, your family looks so lovely! The flower capes where so pretty too, well done to you for those. You need to put your feet up now - are we going to see a piccie of you from the big day?? please, please! **Kim**x

  7. Awe what a beautiful day for a beautiful wedding. Love the shrugs... Congrats to the NEW MIL & DIL