Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Hotmail Account Hacked

My apologies to anyone and everyone who may have received spam from me yesterday.


My Hotmail Account was Hacked!!!

  • I DO NOT spend spam!
  • And only in rare circumstances do I forward emails


Please be aware and delete them


I think I have done everything from my end to stop this


  1. I thought that one from you was strange, so I had deleted it. This happened to me last year. What a pain. Hope it's all fixed. By the way, I figured out they got to me through my FB account.

  2. No worries! At least I know why I got that strange email from you.

  3. Thats a pest .. I opened it!!! although I thought it strange you sent it to me..
    I will delete from now on ..
    Thanks for letting us know..

  4. What a would think these crazy computer hackers had a life! This happened to me from Ravelry. It sure was quick too, them sending out those emails to everyone in my address book...glad you got it all fixed. They should tie strings around their toes & pull them upside down....LoL!

  5. Already figured that out! How awful this is; it happened to me about a year ago, and some people really got annoyed about it. Hope it is all fixed now.