Monday, 14 November 2011

Santa and Christmas

Before the mad rush of Christmas (and Thanksgiving) start
I thought this might be a gentle reminder
It's from this book - The Book of Santa Claus
It has beautiful old pictures of Santa

I have always loved books
Especially childrens books
And so slowly, but surely, a collection of children's Christmas books are piling up here

Anyone else have some that they love
I would love to add them to my, at the moment, tiny collection

Someday, there will be a grandchild that Grandma (me) can read them too


  1. Gorgeous photo and wonderful quote.

  2. Sometimes I must admit that I'm guilty of getting caught up in all the christmas rush and forgetting what this season is all about, thanks for the reminder, lovely illustration and text. x

  3. Ho-Ho-HO....are you rushing Xmas on me already. I haven't even gotten the turkey in the oven for US Thanksgiving. Chuckle-Chuckle...Seriously, I love the little kids book and a good reminder of the meaning. And by the way, adore the new Red Background here too.

  4. I also have a Christmas book tucked away waiting for grandchildren Maria but my kids are not co-operating at all !!!

  5. I have birthdays as well as Christmas, so It is good to take a few moments and remember what it is all about :))
    Thanks for sharing :))