Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Hi everyone
You may have noticed my lack of projects over the last couple/few/lots of months.
Well I have been crafting
Just felt that my posts were getting a bit b-l-a-h

But today I felt like sharing a few of my favourites with you
All have been Ravelled here

Borrowed the baby to see size and fit, as I sort of designed it.
Her Mum loved it, so bought it from me  :-)

By the way, you may have noticed a new button at the top of my side Bar
Well that goes directly to a little shop I opened
I'm hoping I might be able to sell a few projects
At least enough to help pay for the ever-rising costs of posting away my charity items

Fingers crossed for me please

And you thought there was no crochet ......
I really wanted to make this pattern (old memories), but had so much trouble with the starting chain - no give and so very small.
Then I tried foundation dc/sc - that gave me the little bit of stretch and width I wanted.
Don't know why it took me ??? times to work that out   :-)

And for those in Australia
Hope the horses are lucky for you today!!!!


  1. How gorgeous is that little outfit , and her mum bought it, what a bonus :))
    All the best with your shop Its a lot of fun :))

  2. Very nice Maria .. you do beautiful work. Good luck with your shop.

  3. You make the most adorable baby outfits! All the best with your shop, particularly with the good intentions behind it:)

  4. I hope your little shop goes well for you. The pattern and the model are very cute!

  5. Your shop items are lovely. Good luck with them. Lucky you to have a cute little model. Guesswork can be pretty dodgy.

  6. That is a cute top. No wonder the mum bought it right off....good luck on your shop venture. There are plenty of lovers of handmade goodness....


  7. Best of luck in your little venture. The baby items are really lovely. If I had a recipient I'd buy one from you!

  8. Those baby cardigans look lovely. I especially like the lighter pink one. Its very pretty.

  9. Hello Maria! So nice of you to stop by my blog and leave such a nice comment about the hex blanket. I have got to come back and check out more of your postings. I have been admiring your lovely knitting projects and just love, love, love the baby things. We are expecting our first grandchild around March 7th and I have been whipping up a few things. I crochet better than I knit, but trying to improve. Good luck with your shop, I do need to stop by there as well. Have a good week. Sue :)