Monday, 26 September 2011

Old but not quite vintage

Hi everyone

Anyone know what exactly makes things vintage?
I have always taken them to be roughly over 30 years old???

Anyway, I would like to share with you something I started all-but 29 years ago
And I also finished it well within a year
Must have had some time up my sleeve back then  :-)
Don't know how - as hubby frequently was away for work and three babes under 13 months!!!
Oh, that's it - hubby was away   :-)

Anyway, back to what I want to show you

For anyone who is interested here are the meanings -
A = Australian Flag
B = Brolga
C = Cockatoo
D = Dusky Hopping Mouse
E = Echnida
F = Flannel Flower
G = Goanna
H = Honeyeater
I = Ibis
J = Jabiru
K = Koala
L = Lorikeet
M = Magpie
N = Numbat
O = Orchid (native)
P = Platypus
Q = Quokka
R = Rosella
S = Swan (Black native)
T = Tawny Frogmouth Owl
U = Urchin
V = Violet (native)
W = Wallaby
X = Xtraordinary Lizard (Frilled Neck)
Y = Yabby
Z = Zebra Finch

Bye for now


  1. That looks lovely Maria. You did a fantastic job with it :)

    In regard to things being vintage. I'm not too sure. I know that with cars & motorbikes they are classified as classic when they are 25+ years old. So perhaps its a similar thing with other stuff.

  2. Very cool. Vintage over here is considered 25 years... But, this I will call a Maria "CLASSIC". Adoreable.

  3. Such wonderful detail... I am not sure my eyes could do that little work anymore. And congrats on finishing your project.

  4. That's beautiful - does it matter whether it is vintage, classic or what when it is so lovely? Rgree babes under 13 months?! How ever diud you find time to do anything let alone such fabulous stitching? Love it.

  5. Its lovely to see one of these samplers finished - I always imagined doing one when I started having kids . . . . see why it took you 29 years !

  6. Ah well .... I'm vintage !!! What a wonderful piece you have there Maria - a real family heirloom. Wish I had the patience (and eyesight/ability) to do something like that.

  7. Lovely Maria - a gorgeous Aussie alphabet!