Thursday, 6 October 2016



I've recently been seeing a few items that have captured my interest lately.
Fair Isle / Stranded knitting
The colours!!!
The patterns!!!
Oh my!!!

I have tried it before, but at that time I did not understand the skill level involved in such beautiful work.  My projects turned out well and had a fair amount of wear.  Sorry, but no photos to show that skill.

But I thought I would start again - as a beginner and actually try knitting the colours with two hands.  One doing my normal 'throw' method and the other using 'continental' style.
Now normally I cannot do continental, but for some reason I find it relatively relaxing when using two yarns - go figure

So here are some of my latest creations - be kind please, still learning

This one I am not parting with.
It fits and actually suits me when wearing it.
Hats & me don't usually go together.
So this one is a keeper
And those sheep - love

Pandamonium - more challenging for me than Baa-ble.  Forgive the wonky eye

And this one I adapted from the book "Aussie Fair" - Poss

Most of these will be off to one of this months Knit4Charities charities.
It's been a great stash-busting exercise and I think will continue for a while.  
So many lovely patterns and ideas are out there

Have a wonderful week


  1. These are great Maria. I admire your patience and skill relearning these patterns :)

  2. They all look absolutely fabulous, Maria...I'm in awe!!! 👏😀

  3. I really likes your blog! You have shared the whole concept really well and very beautifully soulful read!
    Thanks for sharing