Monday, 12 October 2015

I succumbed ........

Hello to those who are still popping in and saying hello.
I was surprised to read comments on the post after such a long gap between posts.  But they made me very happy - Thank you

So what have I succembed to?????


For years I have admired all those pretty socks that others have made.  But I could not understand as to why to knit socks???  They aren't expensive and there are so many types out there.
And if I am being honest, they scared me a little.  Especially with all I have read.

But I decided to challenge myself and try something new and find out what all the Yahoo is about hand-knit socks.
So with all I have read, and knowing myself, I decided to knit two-at-a-time so as not to suffer from 2nd sock syndrome :-).
I also prefer to knit booties from the bottom up, so of course its toe-down for these.

Amazingly enough, after one tiny hiccup, I found Judy;s Magic Cast On easy!!!!
And I am so enjoying knitting these - no rush, in my own time

But I wonder if they will fit :-)

Pattern is The Time Traveller on Ravelry - my project notes are here

Have a great day


  1. I love the colours in the sock yarn, Maria. I always say that one day I must have a go at knitting socks too :-)

  2. Loving your socks so far Maria... xx

  3. HI Maria,
    Just popping in from the UK to say hi!
    Nice to see you are still doing your Knitting!:)
    Love and best wishes
    Sue x