Thursday, 19 September 2013

Made For Little Ones

Hi everyone
Or anyone who may still be reading  :-)
I know, very long time with no blog posts
My reasons (excuses if you prefer) are -
  • Charity knitting for Knit 4 Charites
  • Gorgeous grandchildren, who are total time-wasters (Love It)  :-)
  • orders for my little online shop "Made For Little Ones"
  • everyday life   :-(
Now, my little shop has another online presence - Facebook. 
Look for "Made For Little Ones" or click on the link.
So, if your on Facebook, pop on over and have a little look. 
Maybe even "Like" my page and enter the competition giveaway

I'm getting ready for summer with some delicious home-made all-natural ice creams & gelato's.  Having a lot of fun experimenting.
Here is my first test - Strawberry & Nut Gelato  - mmmmmm
 Sorry, no photo, my computer is not co-operating
You'll have to take my word that is WAS absolutely delicious

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  1. Hi Maria, lovely to see you in print! Yes, grandchildren are the most wonderful "waste of time"!