Thursday, 4 April 2013

Yarn Advertising

Hi everyone

Anyone notice the new Target ad and all the Yarn Bombed Trees!!!!
And then the ABC ad that created knitted and unravelled people???

Seems Yarn is having its day!!!   Yeah!

Btw - personally I am not a fan of yarn bombing. I prefer to make functional items for people or animals

But anything that gives publicity for yarn is great in my book

Have a great yarn day!


  1. Haven't seen the ABC ad for ages (or is it a new one) and haven't seen the Target ad at all. Seems I'll have to watch more television!

  2. Havent seen it, but will keep an eye out. Im with you, seems a bit of a waste to crochet trees and buses.
    But it looks pretty


  3. Hello stranger :-) I've seen the ad, don't think many of the props are hand knitted though lol - I do love yarnbombing but only when it can be used to promote a cause, and as long as the knits can be recycled - such a waste otherwise - Jen.

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