Tuesday, 18 September 2012

IPad help required

I require advice / assistance / guidance please

My computer is feeling very tired and most times now the screen will not wake up

So temporarily my iPad is my only form of Internet communication

Is there any way for me to blog easily (very easily) via iPad?

Hope your all having a great day


  1. I'd be interested to know this too Maria. I wonder if there's an app for blogger?

  2. Me again .... just checked iTunes and there is a free app called Blogger. Works on iPad and iPhone. Think I'll download it and give it a try too.

  3. I use an app called BlogPress but I'm sure there are others.

  4. I have the Blogger app but it's very basic. If it won't publish, try deleting the labels you have added to your post. And you will only be able to use photos you take with your iPad or that are on your blog or other Internet sources.

  5. Hi Maria, you can send blog posts through via email. You will need to go to your dashboard to set up an email address for your blog. You can do basic posts that way and you can even post photos once you've attached them to your email.

  6. Blogsy is the best on ipad in my opinion.