Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Old is New again Wednesday

Anyone out there remember when I mentioned reworking old patterns??
Well I thought I would share a few I have made
Cary Brick Red outside
Cary, in Bendigo Woollen Mills (BWM) Classic 5ply from Patons R26 with a few mods
Cary inside
Another Cary, in BWM Luxury 4ply, only mod being the change in colour
Chickadee Vest outside
Chickadee Vest, in BWM Classic 5ply, another Patons R18 pattern
Singlet Teal
Singlet in BWM Cotton 8ply, Patons Heirloom 4ply pattern ( a new book with old patterns)
Pam Singlet
Another singlet, called Pam, from BWM Cotton 4ply, Patons R23 pattern
Rosebud (which for some reason wants to go sideways  Smile) in BWM Luxury 4ply, Patons 2429

And the very lovely Dorothy, Hooks 'n' Grannies, sent this beautiful old pattern book, which I can’t wait to use
Australian Home Jouranl Baby Book No.4
It will definitely have mods though as they are so intricate


  1. Oh such lovely knits, all beautiful. I really love the red one and the little singlets.

  2. Lovely, very sweet indeed.

  3. Thanks for linking to my blog and I'm glad you like the 'vintage' book. I love all the little singlets/vests you've made, especially the Chickadee one which looks like something I'd be able to manage. Is the pattern available online?

  4. You certainly have been busy Maria. They look great!

  5. Lovely knits! They have turned out beautifully.

  6. beautifully knitted Maria. Old patterns are a real winner :))

  7. Beautiful baby knits Maria, the old patterns just keep coming back don't they!

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