Friday, 20 January 2012

Where have I been ...

Thank you to those who are still popping into my little blog and saying Hi.  It has meant a lot to me.

N.B - I have fixed up my last post about my Round Ripple, if you were unable to read it

As you may now guess, I have finally got all the gadgets I need to blog again.
One small gift led to quite a few little gadgets  :-)

Now during my voluntary internet break, I did have a holiday

N.B. - These photos are all taken with an iPhone or an iPad, our camera went MIA on this holiday with all the best photos on it  :-(

Here are some clues to where I went -

** It involved a 6 hour flight on Christmas Eve night

** I arrived 20 hours before I left - ie Christmas Eve morning

** A 5 hour wait at an open-air airport

** Then a 45 minute flight on this

A very short 5-10 minute drive
Then a ride on this

A greeting by this guy  :-) - Tangaroa

Then a short toddle off to these views - this is only a partial view

It was so hard to capture the colours
Unless you have a wham-bam camera and can fiddle with it
The colours were even more extraordinary when there was cloud cover - the change was amazing

Our bungalow - another view

Another view from the web

If you look at the large island, follow it on the right till it hooks
See that tiny, weeny island just off there - yep, that's where we were

So...... would you like to know where this is???

Well, if you look on a globe or a world map you would not be able to find it
This map is the best I could find.  It is from the Resort's website

I have so much more to tell
But I will save that for another time


  1. Great pics. I can almost feel the atmosphere.
    It,s nice to see you home again.

  2. Glad you hear you had a wonderful holiday; welcome home.

  3. I haven't any idea of where you went but it sure was a very beautiful place. At first I was guessing Vanuatu as your hut looked just like the one where my DD and SIL honeymooned. I am really impressed with the iPhone photos. Another of my blog friends uses one with spectacular results too. I'm tempted to run out and buy an iPhone !!!!

  4. Glad to see you back Maria :)
    I'm sorry to hear that your camera is gone but the photos from the phone look pretty good.

  5. Lovely pics Maria and it is good that you're back again. I too haven't done much blogging until recently, was a bit 'down' after having another fall and breaking my hand. Getting better now thank goodness and I am so pleased to be able to crochet again however slowly... :))